The Cordyceps are graded according to the thickness of the larva body. The thicker, the stronger the effect and the higher is the price. In general, Cordyceps are classified by color, size, and weight. In terms of color, Cordyceps are classified into golden yellow, white and black Cordyceps. The golden yellow one is more expensive than the white and black. In terms of size, Cordyceps are classified into big, medium and small categories ranging from 2 cm to 5 cm long.

Cordyceps are graded as A++, A+, B, C & D in laymen’s term however qualitatively, Cordyceps can be broken into eight types roughly. The best quality is one that has 2,000 pieces, which forms a kilogram. It is followed by 3000 pcs/kg; 4,000 pcs/kg, 5,000pcs/kg, 6,000pcs/kg, 7,000 pcs/kg and lastly, the rejects & broken pieces ones.


Grade No. of Pieces Description
A++ G-2000 2000 pcs/kg
A+ G-3000 3000 pcs/kg
A G-4000 4000 pcs/kg
B+ G-5000 5000 pcs/kg
B G-6000 6000 pcs/kg
C G-7000 7000 pcs/kg
D G-R Rejects & Broken Pcs
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